Focus on our core mission of academic success

  • Establish expectations for academic success
  • Promote excellence in core areas of instruction, such as literacy/language arts, mathematics, science, and history/social sciences and in fine and performing arts.
  • Foster critical thinking, effective and appropriate utilization of technology, creativity, innovation, resilience, and teamwork.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities to participate in extracurriculars, including athletics, robotics, drama, speech and debate, and other student activities.
  • Improve services for special education, students with disabilities, English language learners and gifted students.

Promote parental and family engagement in our children’s education

  • Champion a parent- and family-centric service model that fosters positive and transparent communication between parents and schools.
  • Promote family involvement in academic achievement, expectations and behavior. 
  • Encourage parent awareness of and participation in School Advisory Councils at the school and division level
  • Ensure support for military families, non-traditional families and students from other backgrounds that may experience unique challenges in education.

Ensure our students learn in a secure and positive school environment

  • Ensure adequate resources for keeping students physically safe at school.
  • Advance a culture of caring by supporting student and staff mental health
  • Refine crisis management readiness across our schools and offices
  • Ensure security staff are consistent, visible, well-trained and effective
  • Promote anti-bullying initiatives to address student behaviors efficiently and effectively 
  • Ensure that staff is supported, engaged and feels a strong sense of belonging