Encourage great teachers to work in our school district and retain our teachers

  • Compensate our teachers at a level that allows them to effectively do their job and encourages them to stay in the profession and in our county schools
  • Adequately fund and promote professional development and give incentives to teachers to achieve professional distinction
  • Attract the best and brightest to the teaching profession by strengthening our programs and continuing our leadership in education reform

Dedicate the best our county has to offer for our students’ lifetime success

  • Recognize the SOLs as the minimum standard they are, rather than the ceiling. Teach beyond the SOLs to increase productivity, creativity and innovation while still allowing adequate instruction time for success on objective measurements and standardized tests.
  • Foster the continued development of specialty programs to encourage student choice in curriculum and also to meet the demands of an evolving workforce
  • Pursue further development of career and technical opportunities for students seeking a non-traditional path after secondary school
  • Improve our ability to help students with the social, emotional and mental challenges of our highly technical and socially connected society
  • Build into the curriculum opportunities for students to develop a love of learning and a flexible, adaptive approach to acquiring new skills

Promote the same fiscal responsibility that hard-working Prince William County families apply to themselves

  • Work closely with the Board of County Supervisors and Facilities Management to manage school division growth and ensure infrastructure is in place (especially roads and schools) prior to building new residential communities.
  • Allocate appropriate resources for schools in a timely manner to alleviate crowding and other quality of education issues
  • Carefully scrutinize budget decisions so that tax dollars allocated to the school system directly benefit students’ learning and growth