Meet Jen

Working for you and our children to build our community’s future.

My name is Jennifer T. Wall. My husband, three children and I have lived in Gainesville since 2004. Our children are attending or are graduates of PWC schools, including Mountain View Elementary, Gravely Elementary, Bull Run Middle, and Battlefield High. Before our children were born, I earned a law degree, passed the bar and worked for a legislative research firm. In 2000 I left practice to dedicate my time to my children. My focus in law school and in practice was education, state and local government, and constitutional law. Those are still areas of focus for me today and I’ve enjoyed keeping up on those issues, especially as they affect us locally in Gainesville.

As a parent, I know how critical education is to the future of our children, neighborhoods, community and country. Over the years I have volunteered in local schools in many ways. I have served on advisory councils and boundary and advisory committees, helped in classrooms, supported PTO events, assisted the bands and orchestras, chaperoned many events and baked cookies for our teachers.

When I was first elected, the Gainesville District entrusted me to put our students first, to support teachers and expand security protections at our schools. Over the last three years I’ve diligently delivered on those promises.
  • I led the effort on the board to return our children to in-person learning. Those efforts resulted in children returning to classrooms months sooner than other school districts around us, and also resulted in special education and English-learners remaining in-person throughout the pandemic.
  • I consistently voted to increase teacher pay, resulting in a 15% increase in just the last three years. 
  • I advocated for and secured school zone speed reduction signage and improved crosswalk and lighting near the entrance of Battlefield High School to improve safety for students, pedestrians and drivers.
  • My efforts to improve school security led to additional security personnel, financial support, and technology, with important upgrades to several Gainesville district schools for this coming year. 
  • I pushed for an overhaul of special education, which led to Division-wide changes that now focus on delivering high quality special education and student-centric principles that better support special education students and their families.
  • I advocated for and secured the largest expansion in decades of services for gifted students. Every school now has at least one dedicated gifted resource teacher and schools can more easily identify, support, and foster gifted students.
  • I continue to hold regular office hours for the community and make myself available via phone, text, email, and in-person meetings with anyone in the Gainesville District whose voice needs to be heard. 
There is still much work to be done. With your support I will continue to push PWCS to focus on its core mission of academic success for our children, press for greater parental engagement in our children’s education, and continue to foster a professional and academics-focused educational culture that will attract the best and brightest teachers and staff to Prince William County.
I would be honored to have your support so that I can continue to fight for our students, teachers, and our community.

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