Why Jen is the right choice for PWC School Board


Jen wants to help our educational system work effectively. She knows that our schools assist families and communities in making a positive difference in our students’ lives as they grow up and take their place in the world as leaders, thinkers, workers, and innovators.

Our children’s world is different from ours in many important ways, and we must do all we can to help the rising generation meet the challenges they’ll face in this new environment. As a parent, Jen knows a high-quality education is critical to the future of our neighborhoods, communities, and country.


Over the last fourteen years, Jen has volunteered in our local schools in many ways, from fun assignments such as baking cookies for teachers, chaperoning field trips, working with struggling math students, helping host class parties, fitting music students for uniforms, and helping out with PTO events, to more serious commitments like boundary committees and Principal’s Advisory Committees.

Through fourteen years of having children in our schools, she knows first-hand the strengths of our school system and its areas of needed improvement.


Jen currently serves as vice-chair on the Superintendent’s Gifted Advisory Committee. For five years she also served on the Bull Run Middle School Principal’s Advisory Committee, serving consecutive terms as chair and vice-chair. In past years she worked on the boundary committees for Reagan Middle School and Haymarket Elementary.

She has a B.A. in Humanities and a Juris Doctor and is a member of the Utah Bar. In law school, her areas of focus were constitutional law, state and local government, and education law. After law school she worked as a legislative research associate before taking time off to raise her family. She enjoys keeping up and staying involved with current issues that affect us here in the Gainesville district

Jen Wall – Prince William School Board Candidate in Gainesville District

Jen discusses her experience as a lawyer and educator and how this would benefit the school board. Jen discusses the importance of learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Jen shares her experiences about her campaign and interaction/support she has received with/from other seasoned candidates on the board.